December 21-22

Alexander Schwarzman (Russia) World Champion Blitz Draughts 2013

Alexander Schwarzman won his sixth World Title in the blitz draughts discipline. Silver was for Alexander Georgiev (Russia) and bronze for Guntis Valneris (Latvia).




Youth Draughts



Draughts promotor Maarten van Leenen announces organization of World Championship Blitz Draughts.


World Champion Blitz Draughts Alexander Schwarzman (Russia) confirms participation.


Contender for the World Title Jean Marc Ndjofang (Cameroon) confirms participation.


The organization of the World Championship Blitz Draughts with the organization of this event wants to promote the beautiful game of draughts among the youth of Den Helder and the province of Noord Holland. Therefore it organizes the Open School Championship of Noord Holland on Saturday December 21, open to all children in primary school. Website for Dutch draughts youth until 12 years: DamZ.

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Alexander Schwarzman:

,,Blitz draughts is the most challenging discipline in draughts. It requires not only a perfect strategic vision but also extreme alertness and quick and accurate decision making. Every move can be decisive and the tension in blitz gamesis is tremendous. There have been games, during which in short and dramatic moments I saw my whole life passing before my eyes. I am excited to in December come to Den Helder as I know that the organization will do it's utmost to organize a top event. I' m an advocat of linking top draughts events with youth draughts promotion and it pleases me to see that the organization of this World Championship is doing exactly that."